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How can I determine the price of relocating my household items through Marutipackersindia.com?

The price of moving your belongings depends on the items that need to be shifted, the distance that has to be covered and the day that you decide to shift your home. The more number of items that you have to move or the more costly your items are then the price will be higher. The load of the truck is the crucial deciding factor of the price that Marutipackersindia.com will charge to you. Also if the distance of moving is high then the price will be high. You can also save on cost by choosing the shifting day accordingly. There are peak and low seasons of shifting. The peak season is usually from the month of February to July which is the time where you may have to shell out extra money.

Should packing and moving both be done through Maruti Packers?

There is a common confusion in peoples mind about whether they should choose different companies for relocation and different companies for packing. However, it is strongly advised that you choose the same company to do both the tasks for you. Marutipackersindia.com offers packing as well as relocation and the company also takes total responsibility in transporting your belongings in a safe manner. If you instead choose different companies to do the task then there are chances that in the case of a breakage both the companies will move behind.

Does Maruti Express Packer Movers offer timely delivery?

It is very unlike that Maruti Movers will not be able to meet its deadlines of delivery. However, there are things that may not be in the control of the company like natural disaster on the route or an accident. In such cases the company may delay in relocating your goods. However rest assured that in case of any such calamity that may have struck us we make sure to keep you updated so that you can make the necessary arrangement for the time being soon.

Can I track where my household belongings are during the transit?

Yes, Marutipackersindia.com lets you keep track of the truck and where it is and at which location. This lets you to place your relocation well. We have an automated tracking system through which you can track where your household goods are and how long will it take for it to reach the destination. Alternatively you can also call up the customer help desk to understand about your shipment.

Which are the vehicles that I can transit through our company?

Marutipackersindia.com and our team are well trained to transport your car, bicycle or your scooter with ease. We have specially designed vehicles to transport heavy and bulky vehicles without any damage or loss.

What if I need to speak to someone about my relocation needs?

Most of your questions will be answered on the website or when you go through our FAQ section. However if you wish to find out something more about the company and the services that we provide the do not hesitate to call up the help desk at Maruti Packer. We have a team of well-trained customer care executives who will take all the care to answer to your queries in great detail.


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We proudly state that we stand on top of the other movers and packers that are ready to offer similar services as ours. Our uniqueness, our professionalism, expertise, experience and our ratings clearly state that we stand ahead of our competitors.

IBA Approved Company

We have an IBA approval which clearly means that we carry the tag of Trust with us. We are genuine and we offer the best value to our clients.

Fast Response

We offer quick response to any query that you may have. Have some doubts to be cleared, want to know about your belongings or want to discuss anything with us.

100% Safe Transportation

Safe transportation with our specially designed vehicles and efficient drivers makes sure that there is no delay in the shipment reaching you.

Door To Door Delivery

We understand that at times you may be worried to know where your belongings are and if the delivery date will be met.

No Hidden Charges

We have no hidden charges. We do not offer any kind of false quotation and what we say is what we deliver.

Trained Staffs and Managers

Our staff is highly experienced and they know the work in and out. They have been in this industry since years and know the right strategies to pack.



Affordable Cost

Our prices are very affordable in the market and we also have no hidden charges. Once we do the survey and give you a price that is what you end up finally paying.

24x7 Customer Support

If you are moving to another location within India then this will take some days for your goods to reach you. For this we have a 24*7 customer help desk team whom you can contact regarding any queries that you may have with your shipment.

1000+ Monthly Booking

Check out our ratings and we also would like to let you know that every month we take more than thousand bookings. This clearly shows how much our customers have trust on us.

Trusted and Reliable

Right from the start when you hire us till the time we finally bid good bye to you, you can expect high level of professionalism. We especially take a lot of care to inspect that each and every step of your moving is going on well without causing any trouble to you

Safe and Secure

We are safe and reliable and we ensure that your goods will be delivered to your correctly. You will never have to run around trying to get hold of your belongings.

Insurance Coverage

We give full insurance to the customer just like that. We will never ever misplace or damage any of your office belongings.

24x7 Customer Care